The facility provides the following services:

  • High-resolution single particle cryo-EM imaging
    • viruses
    • macromolecular complexes
    • nano-particles
  • High-resolution cryo-electron tomographic imaging
    • pleomorphic viruses
    • virus/host interactions
    • cell sections

Please contact us if you want to start using the above services.


  • This facility specializes in cryo-EM imaging for 3-D reconstruction of samples that need to be frozen-hydrated to preserve structure integrity. Conventional EM studies that need only 2-D imaging of samples at room temperature are provided by Purdue Life Science Microscopy Facility.
  • The service is limited to data collection. Data analysis (image processing and 3D reconstruction) is not included in the service. If you need help with data analysis, please contact Prof. Wen Jiang to discuss your need.

Hourly Rates (US$/hour):

Purdue Users Non-Purdue Users
Sample Preparation (by staff) $49 $91
KRIOS (by staff) $105 $215
KRIOS (by user) $57 $113
CM200 (by staff) $84 $167
CM200 (by user) $35 $70

* Training is charged at staff rates on the corresponding instrument.

Reservation Policy:

Click this link to reserve instrument 



Reservation Horizon 14 days 14 days
Reservation time unit 1 h 24 h
Maximum time/day 8 h 24 h
Start time Every hour 8:00 am to 3:00 am 8:00 am
Total Reservation Time/Horizon 48 h 72 h
Non-cryo usage Ok Extra warm-up day charged
Film usage

2 h of film pump-down charged

Last load must be done before 2:00 am

* Independent operation of the instruments is limited to qualified users.