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Reserve instrument time via the iLabs system

The facility provides the following services:

  • High-resolution single particle cryo-EM imaging
    • viruses
    • macromolecular complexes
    • nano-particles
  • High-resolution cryo-electron tomographic imaging
    • pleomorphic viruses
    • virus/host interactions
    • cell sections

Please contact us if you want to start using the above services.


  • The service is limited to data collection. Data analysis (image processing and 3D reconstruction) is not included in the service.
  • This facility specializes in cryo-EM imaging for 3-D reconstruction of samples that need to be frozen-hydrated to preserve structure integrity. Conventional EM studies that need only 2-D imaging of samples at room temperature are provided by Purdue Electron Microscopy Facility (a different Purdue facility) 

Hourly Rates (US$/hour):

Rates are subject to change without notice and/or in accordance with F&A negotiations with the Federal government

User Type Talos F200C Titan Krios G1
Internal 64
Internal Self-User 111
Internal Staff Assisted 173
External (Non-profit) 102
External (Non-profit) Self User 377
External (Non-profit) Staff Assisted 279
External For-Profit 112
Industrial Self User  415
Industrial Staff Assisted  307

Sample Preparation Rates

User Types Rates
Internal 88
External (Non-profit) 146
Industrial 190



  • Independent operation of the instruments is limited to qualified users.
  • Training is charged at staff rates on the corresponding instrument.