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Software developed at Purdue

Software developed in the Jiang lab:


jspr (/ˈjaspər/) is a collection of the programs for single particle cryo-EM image processing and 3-D reconstruction that are developed in the Jiang group and available here.

Motion Correction

We have extended the MotionCorr software deveoped by Dr. Xueming Li in Prof. Yifan Chen's lab at UCSF The source code is avaiable in GitHub.

The riginal source code and binaries are available here: MotionCorr 2.0 from UCSF


Software developed in the Kihara lab:

Kiharalab EMSuite

A whole suite of cryo-EM tools, including protein and nucleic acid structure modeling tools, are available here.

DAQ-Score Database

Protein structure validation score, DAQ, and the precomputed DAQ-Score Database, are available here.