Motion Correction

We have extended the MotionCorr software deveoped by Dr. Xueming Li in Prof. Yifan Chen's lab at UCSF to:

    • Add a new option -nrw to use running average of neighor frames for correlation analysis to detect relative shifts among frame pairs. It can make the final motion trajectory smoother and presumably more reliable
    • Add a new option -flp to flip the frames along Y-axis (i.e. vertical direction) before correlation analysis
    • Read any image format (DM4, mrcs, and essentially all formats used in cryo-EM fields by using EMAN2 IO functions)
    • Automatically convert to native endian of current computer regardless of starting endianness (i.e. from big-endian used by DM4 images to little-endian used by Intel CPUs)
    • Compile on all major computer systems (Linux, Mac, and Windows) using the cross-platform CMake build system



nrw 1 nrw 3
-nrw=1 -nrw=3